John Choi

Since August 1989, John Choi has been serving as the Chinese Speaking Congregation Pastor of the Chinese Congregational Church. He was born in Xiamen, China, and raised in Hong Kong. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ to be his personal Savior when he was 14 years old. He was called by God to serve Him when he was in high school. He dedicated himself to the Lord and entered Bethel Bible Seminary for their four year Bachelor of Theology program after graduating from high school. Then he served with Christian Alliance College and started a church there. He served there for 20 years, as a Bible teacher, Christian Activity Directer, and Senior Pastor. John finished the Master of Ministry program at Alliance Bible Seminary while he was serving in the Christian Alliance College and CAC Church. His family moved to Los Angles in 1986, and served a church in Torrance for three and a half years. After that time, he was called by the Lord to serve Chinese Congregational Church from August, 1989 to the present! Praise The Lord!  John has been married to his wife, Lydia since 1972, and has two sons, and three grand-daughters: a blessed family from God! Praise and thanks be to God!


Erik Chou

Erik Chou was born and raised in Fresno, CA with one older brother. After graduating from high school, he entered in to UC Berkeley as an atheist pursuing studies in Bioengineering. During his time at Berkeley, Erik met some Christians who taught him from the Bible about God and Jesus Christ. He learned how he was a sinner who needed forgiveness and peace with God. About the end of Erik's sophomore year in college, God changed his heart and brought him to a conviction of his sins before God. Erik then turned from his sins and asked for forgiveness believing that Christ died for his sins and was raised on the third day, just like the Bible said. After graduating from Berkeley with a Bachelor’s in Integrative Biology, Erik finished the M.Div program at The Master's Seminary. Since then, he has served as a bi-vocational pastor since 2001 in two other churches until coming to pastor at Chinese Congregational Church. Erik has been married to his wife, Jennifer since 2003, and has four children, gracious gifts from God.

Name / Title

Mark Fong

Mark Fong was born in Los Angeles and raised in Fullerton.  His parents met while attending Chinese Congregational Church at the 9th Place, Los Angeles building.  Mark grew up attending CCC with his parents and two sisters.   His upbringing in a Christian home was routine. As a young boy the habit of going to church on Sunday’s, memorizing bible verses, learning about the people of the bible, and being, in general, a nice person was his interpretation of being a Christian.  While in high school, Mark questioned his beliefs as he learned how man’s (his) selfish sinfulness still existed despite being brought up in a Christian family. An older brother at CCC took Mark under his wing and he walked him through the Scriptures that taught the Good News of Jesus Christ. Mark learned that Jesus Christ restored the broken relationship caused by sinfulness and this is why Jesus died for him and all who call on him as their Lord and Savior.  The journey of Mark’s spiritual growth continues today as he serves his Lord and Savior by teaching the next generation in the Lanterns Christian Education class, shepherding the flock, and serving the church body. Mark loves the church God has placed him in and he looks forward to seeing the progress of the Gospel through the ministry. Mark has been blessed to have been married to his wife Carolyn for over twenty years and currently resides in Harbor City.


Jacob Poon

I am a bondservant of Jesus Christ.  I grew up in a broken family. In a boarding school, I learned about the love of Christ in my early childhood in a boarding school.  In my high school years, I realized I need to repent of my sinful life and received the salvation of Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, I was able to come to the United States to a Christian college in 1973.   I was only able to come because of a scholarship for poor Christians living in Hong Kong. In this Christian college, I discovered the meaning of having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and I drew near to God daily through reading His Word and prayer.  I thank God for the blessings of my wife, Jennie, who gave birth to our 4 adult children. We enjoy our 7 grandchildren and look forward to more. I praise God for the joy of serving at Chinese Congregational Church for the last 40 years and am thankful to grow deeper in His Word each year.  I’m confident that God began a good work in us and He will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Phil 1:6)


Andrew Wong

Andrew was blessed to grow up with his younger brother in a loving Christian household.  He graduated from a local Southern California high school and continued his education at the University of California, Los Angeles.  It was during his formative college years, that God helped him to more fully understand the futility of his sin and his offenses before a holy God.  For one so broken and desperate for redemption, the goodness of the gospel message of a gracious Savior in Jesus Christ was not lost upon him.  Through numerous brothers and sisters in Christ that faithfully ministered the Word of God to him, Andrew came to fully commit his life to walking fervently with the Lord.  Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Andrew pursued and received his doctorate of optometry degree at the University of California, Berkeley School of Optometry.  Andrew returned to the Southern California area where he works vocationally as an optometrist in private practice.  He has been blessed with precious treasures in his wife, Karen, and their three daughters.  Andrew is a long time member of Chinese Congregational Church and serves as an elder and teaches the Lighthouse (high school/college) Christian Education class.