do you need god?

This is the most important question that you will ever need to answer in your life: more important than what school you go to, what person you marry, where you will work, where you will live, etc. If you do not feel like you need God, then you are denying the truth of what God says about who He is, who you are before Him, and what He has done for you by sending His Son, Jesus the Messiah, to die on the cross for your sins and raise Him up on the third day. To think and live where you do not need God is like thinking and living in defiance of gravity. Our hope is that God would open the eyes of your understanding so that you would see your great need for Jesus Christ and the great and wondrous love He has love you with to save you from your sins and the wrath that is coming upon sinners.

If you have come to sense your true need for God to save you from your sin, then call out to Him.


Call for the loving Heavenly Father to rescue you. Cling to His promise to save you, even though you know how much more you don’t deserve any kindness from Him. Turn from your sin and your fighting with God to loving Him, treasuring Him, thanking and honoring Him because Christ died for your sins. CONTACT US and we would love to talk to you more about what it means to be saved from sin and what it means to live out this RENEWED LIFE?

If you have more questions, or would like to hear more about this Good News of Jesus Christ, we would love to give you a free book, “What is the Gospel?”, that explains more in depth what you just read. We think it would be such a great help to you if you are interested and we would love to give to that you as free gift. So please let us know if you are interested by CLICKING HERE.